LE-screw (Olmed)

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Anatomica LE-screw, Olmed, is the treatment of choice for femoral neck fractures. The device is CE-marked by Anatomica. The screw is available with or without a collar and in lengths raning from 70 - 140 mm. Click on the surgical technique below for more information.



Olle Löfgren brought forward the Olmed screw in the 1970s. The company Olmed was bought by Depuy. The original Olmed screw has since then been transferred to Zimmer/Biomet. In 2004 Thomas Löfgren, the son of Olle Löfgren, recreated an Olmed copy, the LE-screw which was CE-marked by ELOS Medtech. Both ELOS Medtech and Zimmer/Biomet plan to discontinue the LE-screw and Olmed screw. Anatomica has therefore agreed with Thomas Löfgren to CE-mark a copy of the LE-screw with Anatomica’s name on it. The LE-screw system is a good treatment for the femoral head fractures it was designed for.